Your treatment plan is in the safe hands of your dedicated technician. We take the time to get to know you and your preferences and translate them into your plans for the highest quality outcome in each of your treatments.


The process of Treatment Planning Solution (TPS) is easy:

  • You call us and send us the details of your patient via the software.
  • We have a well-structured on-boarding process to understand your individual preferences.
  • You tell us what your treatment goals are.
  • We create a treatment plan and handle all communication with the aligner manufacturer.
  • Once we are absolutely satisfied and confident that the treatment plan is predictable and is exactly what you would want, we call you and discuss the plan with you.
  • If you’re satisfied, you approve it; if not, we re-work the plan according to your specifications.
  • But we don’t leave you hanging there: Should there be any issues, any complications, anything you have concerns around – we are just a phone call away. As long as the treatment goes on, you can rely on us.
  • Your benefits are clear: You’ll have a great treatment outcome and save a whole lot of time.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you’re using ClinCheck® by Invisalign®, Spark® by Ormco®, angel aligner® or ClearCorrect® by Straumann, our specialists are here to help.


Before the very first case you’d like us to work on for you, you will receive a contract which you’ll need to sign and send back to us. For each case which you would like your TP SOLUTION technician to work on, you will need to send us a written order, which means that by signing the contract you do not commit to anything. The signed contract is, however, a necessary part of the process for us to be able to work on your cases in the first place. When you order your first case, you will need to send us your login details for the software of the aligner manufacturer you are working with. To this end, you will please create a staff account for us, and that’s it! We would love to speak to you to get to know you, your treatment preferences, and modalities. This conversation between you and your TP SOLUTION technician is of course completely optional. However, we have had the experience that it leads to more efficient results and believe it is beneficial for both parties.

When you want your TP SOLUTION technician to plan a treatment for you, you simply send us an email to info@tpsolution.com stating the name of the patient or the patient ID. We need a written order from you for each case. Should you have any special considerations or patient concerns for this specific case, we would need to know these as well. The same goes for any changes to your usual preferences pertaining to this specific case.
Your TP SOLUTION technician will then plan your case in the treatment planning software of the applicable aligner manufacturer. He also takes on the entire communication with the aligner manufacturer. Once the treatment planning in the aligner software is perfect, you will receive an email stating that the case is ready for you. You can then either discuss it with your technician by phone or by email. You can confirm the case in the software once you entirely agree with the plan. As long as you don’t, the TP SOLUTION technician will change the planning accordingly – until you are 100% satisfied.
On average, the treatment planning takes around 10 working days. There might be slight variations due to the case and the aligner manufacturer.
Currently you can submit your Invisalign®, Spark® and ClearCorrect® cases to us.

Using the login details of the staff account you have created for us, we are planning your cases directly in the software of the aligner manufacturer. Should you require help setting up the staff account, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email: info@tpsolution.com.

We need a written order from you for each case separately. You can simply email your order to info@tpsolution.com.
Yes, you will need to be certified by the aligner manufacturer. Otherwise you will not be able to use their specific software and cannot place an aligner treatment order with the manufacturer.
You will receive your invoice once a month, even when you submit more than one case in that particular month.
You can list the costs for TP SOLUTION as a third-party lab in your invoice.


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